Twenty years after leaving the small town with big dreams, Joel returns to help his mother. He is moving her to Pineshade, a home for the elderly suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

His childhood friend Nina works as a nurse at Pineshade. They haven’t talked since Joel moved away, and the painful past they share has haunted their lives ever since.

When Monika moves into Pineshade, her health quickly deteriorates. She has visions of her late husband. She has violent outbursts. And she seems to know things she couldn’t possibly know. It’s almost as if she isn’t quite herself … but only Joel and Nina, who knew her before Pineshade, can see the signs. They are forced to work together and search for answers to impossible questions.

The Home is not quite a ghost story, not quite a story of possession. It’s has elements of both, but is neither. It’s an eeire novel about love, friendship and the greatest horror of all; losing control of yourself.