A psychologist has gone missing. A collection of documents is found in her office: her work diary, letters, transcripts of therapy sessions and research material for a book project.

We get to follow her work with a doctor with an identity crisis, a lesbian psychopath vampire, the spawn of a manic scientist and a narcissistic dandy. They are four of the most iconic monsters from the Victorian era – Dr Jekyll, Carmilla, Frankenstein’s monster and Dorian Gray – and they wrestle with timeless dilemmas. How can you accept your darkest, most shameful personality traits? When everyone is afraid of you, how can you not hate yourself? How do you age with dignity in a society obsessed with youth? And how do you explore your sexuality in a prejudiced world?

Mats Strandberg and Jenny Jägerfeld blends popular culture with psychology and literature to create a genre-bending and thought-provoking book. With equal parts humour and gravity, they ask the right questions and analyze the answers. Their goal is to help the monsters – and the reader.